BLUE CORAL Radka Salcmannova

Blue Coral is made from my silicone  pieces that I created and showcased across the country as dresses for New York Fashion Week at Pier59 studio and Los Angeles fashion Week. Dresses were also used in numerous photo shooting and music videos. After all these events, I have melted the silicone pieces- dresses together and the result of it is three sculptures named Blue Coral.

As a sculptor I started to use silicon because I was fascinated by this material and it strongly reminded me the nature of New York city, where I live. In this city, everything seems so organic like you are in the jungle but everything is man made - often a toxic prototype of our existence. Silicone and it's material properties was a perfect  choice. I could shape it the way I want it and also work with it almost like a drawing, it looks completely organic and reminds me of a wild nature fragment. Except it's not organic at all. It has became my favorite material that fulfills all my desires.


Radka Salcmannova is a creative artist, set designer and an art director. She has been remarked for her daredevil approach on pushing the boundaries of contemporary art and visual design.

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