Liberty Julie Harvey

In 2000, the New York-based artist Julie Harvey created a monumental mural painting that celebrated the history and the future of New York City. The 75’ x 50’ mural titled Liberty was installed at 59 Maiden Lane and became one of the most recognizable public art pieces in Lower Manhattan. It depicts the Statute of Liberty reflected on the glass façade of a skyscraper, which is peeled back to reveal a bustling street scene from the 19th century, a time when the city was developing rapidly, guided by beliefs in freedom, equality, commerce, and hard work. Liberty Mural was presented to the community as a visual expression of the foundations from which the city and nation were built. 

In September, 2001, the Liberty Mural, along with contents of Harvey’s studio, was damaged by the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. The work has since been in need of restoration. 

Herr Gallery, in collaboration with Ms. Harvey, generated a creative solution that utilizes blockchain technology to help restore the public mural. A digital version of Liberty Mural is divided into 486 pieces, following the compositional grid of the original painting. Each piece is turned into a unique NFT on Ethereum, which can be purchased on and viewed in your digital wallet or on Opensea. All proceeds will be used to restore the damaged mural. Once all 486 NFTs are sold, the individual pieces in your wallet will transform into a complete image of the Liberty Mural. 

From the 911 attack to the pandemic, the past two decades not only witnessed the many hardships that the city endured, but also the strong character and resolve that the people here had shown. As New York gradually recovers from the pandemic, the restoration project takes on new significances. It commemorates the city’s resurgence and celebrates the community’s effort to preserve the values of freedom, equality, and hard work through a remarkable artistic expression. 

The Liberty Mural Project is one of Herr Gallery’s first initiatives that explore the artistic and social potentials of NFTs. Herr Gallery continues to work with a diverse group of artists in developing creative strategies that use digital technology to generate real-world impacts.


Julia Harvey


Oil on canvas enlarged to 75 x 50 feet mural installed at 59 Maiden Lane, New York.

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Julie Harvey is an artist whose work focuses on the contemporary human figure. She graduated BFA, Magna Cum Laude from Virginia Commonwealth University and received her MFA from Parsons School of Design in New York. She has lived and worked in New York City for the past 28 years in order to experience the liveliness of her subject matter.