The first NFT collection that has a remarkable Eastern sensibility. Continuing a long lineage of interest in Eastern philosophies and the literati tradition, the four artists that create Cosmo Chamber try to keep the American- style comics and the fast-food NFTs out, and to bring to those who still care about aesthetics a distinctive project—an NFT Metaverse with different parts, a space odyssey from an Asian point of view. 

The project takes its inspiration from The Double Screen, a book on the role of the traditional Eastern screen seen in Classical Chinese paintings by the acclaimed art historian Wu Hung of the University of Chicago, and explores an alternative understanding of spacetime. It is a portal, a node, through which the creative minds of artists can connect. 


Double NFT Lab consists of four artists: Zoojoo, Gu Xiang, ARMOTOR, and Tong. They are the creative forces behind the creation of CosmoChamber.

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